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  Hidden Gems in Arashiyama - Adashino Nenbutsu Temple

Adashino Nenbutsu Temple(化野念仏寺)

Hello,This is The GrandWest Arashiyama. Speaking of Arashiyama Sightseeing, most people immediately think of the bamboo grove and Togetsu Bridge.

Most visitors to Kyoto's Arashiyama area only visit the bamboo grove and Togetsu Bridge, but is nice to take some time to explore and find many amazing locations here.

We will introduce one hidden spot in Arashiyama to you.

Adashino Nenbutsu Temple is situated on up a hill and slightly distanced from the major tourist area of Arashiyama, therefore not a large number of tourists visit there.

At the temple, there are More than 8,000 stone statues which memorialize the soul of the dead. Every summer, there is a ceremony called “Sento Kuyo” is held at the temple, which is dedicated to the spirits of the dead and the stone statues are lit up with candles.

On the way to the temple will need to go up a gentle slope ,the way home is downhill so you can come back smoothly.Therefore,We recommend renting a bicycle.

Our hotel guests are available rent bicycles for free for up to 2 hours.

There are also small bicycles for children and children's rides.

Please feel free to contact us.

This bamboo grove in the back of the Adashino Nenbutsu is a secret bamboo grove spot!


Address: 17 Adashino-cho, Sagatoriimoto, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto

GoogleMap Hours: 9:00〜16:30 Fee: 500 yen

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